What she said...

in case you were confused, cows are female
Other people looking at the tiresome sameness of female characters (visually) versus the startling variation in male characters' faces
Animated characters should have a visual representation of their characters, they are designed, not cast and so every curve, angle and idiosyncrasy is deliberately added - or left out. Which sort of suggests that the female characters are themselves less well developed and differentiated in terms of attitude, characteristics, behaviour.
Have we really not progressed since the days of 3fold women virgin/warrior, mother and crone?Babe, Carer, and Wicked Witch. I wonder how many animators (heterosexual male) are happily married - you know, to an actual real woman with attitudes, ambitions and mis-matched underwear?

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  1. I love cows! They always have presence and humour. If you can't describe an idea then you don't understand it, and I think if you don't see/feel a woman in any other than a stereotypical way, you won't be able to draw her in any other way. When we start to draw portraits they tend to all look like us, to draw another you have to break through the shell of self and teach yourself to look �� ��