Man Does Not Live by Animation Alone (apparently)

junk wood sculpture by Miki Z and Fin, saltwell park
Need to get out more... some fresh-air sculpture at Gateshead Family Sculpture Day ... with (good friend and art colleague) Miki Z. Sculptures made of scrap wood and based on "art" (?). So this was loosely based an a Keith Hering print .

They hold this every year in my local park and it's always teaming with people making dens, giraffes and aeroplanes...seriously good fun.  Also its very liberating to work on an art project that has been classified as "play".


Grunting and Sniffling Noises

Malcolm ponders cake and trousers
2013 saw the completion (FINALLY) of  Eeny Meeny Miney Malcolm, using a style of drawing inspired by memories of linocut (Brighton Printworks in the 80s, and BAA Corsham in the 70s) - a development of what I started in Box.  Malcolm was also an experiment in using split screen to show two simultaneous stories (Sliding Doors with cake)... but also in using non-dialogue people noises. Thanks to my patient colleagues and friends for wasting considerable time squealing, grunting, laughing and sniffling into microphones. And this is (only one of the reasons) why I love my job