How long, how much more long?

Making animations takes forever. Ideas come faster than the work; sometimes that means the film changes part way through, as your ideas evolve, which is not helpful.
Make shorter quicker films? or be prepared for endless circular editing?
Or make something else: a stained glass doodah, a new design for the website, a mosaic.
I need shorter deadlines for a sense of satisfaction, for more joy.

My PhD tutor used to talk about the notion of "sustainable passion". There is something to explore in the tension between things worth waiting for/ things which are BIG and deeply satisfying, and things which are easily won and smaller. But can we have BIG moments more often? more quickly? Or some kind of middle ground. Is everything worth having, hard work to achieve? (Probably) But does it have to take so long??
What we all need is more joy. More of those profound and positive experiences. Sadly, most people settle for the more easily obtained anger and outrage. Creating things really is better for your mental health.