Referendum - animating the news

still from Referendum animation
Just squeezed in film No.7 to 2014 - a tiny one-minute animation on the Scottish referendum which was made for the BBC Draw the News site. Open submission, and no fancy competition but great feedback and probably seen by more people that films at a festival; especially as it's still online. Again, the challenge was in the tight format - 60 seconds - and creating a semi-abstract figure to represent everypeasant.


Colin Rides Again

still from North, colin the dog
Colin the Dog has become a book chapter on Cinematic Representations of "North", part of a themed ;publication from the conference.... Its written, but who knows when it will be published. (Sheffield university Press...watch this space) Very strange to write a critical analysis of your own work...so long after leaving artschool and that PhD. A really useful exercise in articulating what you are trying to do and why...also makes you feel quite clever. It's the artists way of showing your working out, maybe.