Music for Animations

Baby animation still
film playing inside old fashioned pramBaby...Success of the year for 2014 shown at Wimbledon 2014, Breeze Creatives event at Durham and at Whitley Bay Film Festival - installed in a pram. Baby was a silent film with a brilliant soundtrack composed and played by percussionist Nik Alevroyiannis. Looking forward to more possible collaborations with sound-people, this opens up a new depth to the animations, making a mood/ emotional space and giving it pace. These aren't commercial films, so I'm not in a position to "commission" music... but we are considering a reciprocal arrangement via animated music video...
Baby was an attempt to be less literal/ more abstract - free-er - with the figures... using the power of animation to enable powerful metaphors.
Photo from Whitley Bay: Miki Z

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